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Takahashi Minami G+ Update:

The amazing bonds
Honestly when the Team A members met for the first time
The generations and the ages vary
There’re many who are shy
Everyone’s expressive power and skills vary
And these, I thought it was challenging

However everyone are kids who frankly wants to grow better
Isn’t it
What to do to be better
Noticed that everyone seemed not to know what to do about it

Therefore, I explained the details on the day before the first day
This song, is this type of song, and they remembered these details

Now, there’s nothing much I could say but
I felt that watching these today, as if it was a challenge, but there’s a “they’ve grown up” feeling.
I thought that I’ll too, do my best.

Yui too, had worked really hard.
Having appointed as captain suddenly is a great bar to climb
But she had never complained. I’ve observed her, whom had thought a lot about the members’ everything, and had to learn a lot of things.

I’m still in Team A
It might take time
But I want to make it a team that everyone thinks that it’s good that they’ve came to this team
I’ll work hard. 
From tomorrow, another new step forward

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Abiru Riho G+ 2014/04/21

本当は明日載せる予定だったけど…♡Actually I was planning to publish this tomorrow but… ♡私の王子様はJだけです♡だいすき(;_;)だいすき(;_;)My prince is J only ♡I love her (;_;) I love her (;_;)じゅりなさんだいすき(;_;)♡Jurina-san, I love you (;_;)♡


Abiru Riho G+ 2014/04/21

Actually I was planning to publish this tomorrow but… 

My prince is J only 
I love her (;_;) I love her (;_;)

Jurina-san, I love you 

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